Stellar Baby: 18 weeks



Well, I’m definitely feeling more and more pregnant! I have to admit that I’ve been shy about sharing photos of my preggo belly because I don’t have that nice round tummy you’re probably used to pregnant women having. But I am learning to embrace my changing shape and remain body positive.

Here’s an update!

Week: 18

Baby: is the size of an artichoke! We had a checkup last week and everything is looking really good. We have an anatomy scan in a couple weeks where they’ll take lots of measurements and we’ll get to see baby girl on a big screen TV! Can’t wait!

Feeling: The nausea is gone, thank goodness! And I’ve definitely been more energized. I do still get sleepy spells and the hormones are — well, let’s just say I get awfully weepy sometimes! But I’m really feeling great.

Eating: I’ve had a few cravings here and there: namely sweets. And while I’m happily eating fresh melon and strawberries, I need to be better about getting more veggies. I’ll be traveling for work this week, so I’ll try to get in more salads. The southwestern salad at Chick Fil A has been my go-to, even though the spicy dressing gives me heartburn!

Working out: I am going to Torque here and there and adjusting the workouts to how I feel. It’s been warm here, so I’ve been walking the hills instead of running. I’m trying to get more walking in. It feels great to walk, listen to a podcast and enjoy the nice weather, even if I am way more out of breath than I’m used to!

Planning: We have most of the registries done, and we had a pickup from a veterans group this last weekend come clear out some stuff from one of our guest rooms, so the nursery is underway! We hope to paint after my upcoming work trip, and then get the furniture in soon. Isn’t the bedding cute?


That’s it for this update! I’ll check in again soon!

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