Stellar Baby: Week 24

24 weeks preggers

The best thing about this stage of pregnancy so far? Feeling movement! Baby is kicking and punching or just generally moving around, and my husband was able to feel her for the first time this past weekend. It was a special moment! Every time she gives me a little nudge, I talk to her, ask her how she’s doing. I may look a little crazy, but I love talking to her and knowing that she recognizes my voice and my husband’s as well.

Week: 24

Baby: is the size of a cantaloupe! She should weigh more than 1 pound now, according to my app, and her heartbeat was steady and strong at our last checkup.

Feeling: Really good, for the most part. If my days are really active, I’m definitely ready for bed early by nighttime. And I find it harder to roll around in bed now — getting up from the couch and bending over for something on the floor is getting tougher, too. But I’m hanging in there!

Eating: I’ve been craving everything strawberry! Fresh strawberries, strawberry popsicles and slushies, strawberry cake. I can’t seem to get enough of it!

Working out: Last week I was really proud that I went for two walks and worked out at Torque twice. The two weeks before that? Nada! I was traveling a lot for work, and that was zapping all of my energy. This week I hope to go to Torque at least once, but my belly has been a bit achy, so I’m playing it by ear. I’ll be off to the beach for the weekend, so strolling along the water sounds like the perfect form of exercise to me!

Planning: Cross your fingers for me that the dresser and crib will be delivered this week! Once we get those in place, I feel like we’ll really be able to think about the other smaller pieces and decorating. We’ve also scheduled all our birthing classes. Besides getting the room ready, I want to focus on buying a few things here and there that I’ll need in the future, such as items for my own hospital bag and after-birth care, and diapers. It’s time to start stocking up!

So that’s where things are at 24 weeks. The countdown is on!

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