Stellar Baby: Week 34

shower photo week 32

I’ve been slacking on the updates — I haven’t done one since week 24!

The photo above was taken at the amazing shower my mom and sister hosted at Vecchia in Hoover where all the guests got to make their own pizzas! I’ll share more photos and details of this fun-filled day next week. I was at week 32 in this photo, but I don’t think my belly has changed too much … or so I’ll keep telling myself!

Here’s where we’re at now:

Week: 34

Baby: is the size of a butternut squash! We had a checkup last week, and the ultrasound tech estimated that Penny weighs 5 pounds, give or take 1 pound. So she’s definitely growing! Her heartbeat was nice and strong, too, which we always love to hear.

Feeling: So-so. My lower back gets really sore during the day, so I sit with a heating pad on it periodically. At night, my hips are definitely more sore — the soreness used to happen only on my right side, now it’s both sides. I have a harder time getting up off the couch or out of bed, and tying or zipping shoes or sandals is a chore! I’m also a lot more tired by the end of the workday, and I often come home and immediately lie on the couch for an hour or so. But technically, everything is A-OK, including my blood pressure, which I also always love to hear.

Eating: I’m still craving sweets, though I’m trying to control that. So far I have gained 15 pounds, and I’d like to keep that pattern of slowly gaining or maintaining. While the doctor said it would be wise to keep my weight gain between 20 and 30 pounds, I know these last six weeks or so is when Penny will do the most growing, so I’m trying to be mindful of that. That said, sweets are still my downfall, and I really have to force myself to drink a ton of water to help with the heat and the little bit of swelling I feel in my feet and hands.

Working out: Pretty much nonexistent right now. I get winded going up the stairs … hell, I get winded just having a lengthy conversation with someone! I need to do some prenatal yoga or stretching, though. I think it would help my hips a lot.

Planning: The nursery is getting there, and I will share pictures soon! We have most of the things we need now, but we need to do some decorating and our rocker is back ordered until mid-August. But the major things — her crib, changing table and some clothes — are ready to go!

Six weeks to go! It’s getting real!

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