Plus-size Maternity Clothes Suck

Bursting into tears in the maternity section of Target is not what I had planned for Monday evening.

After work tonight, I took my car to have the oil changed and then popped into Target for a new laundry basket and some groceries. I hadn’t intended on searching for a couple pieces of clothing that I’ve been wanting, but you know how Target is. Next thing I knew, I was in the plus-size section trying to find a pair of stretchy knit capris or shorts — comfortable lounging clothes for now and after baby — and then on to maternity to look at the nursing tank tops.

Y’all. What is with Target and their plus-size anything?

While the plus-size section often misses the mark, this is especially true for maternity clothes. And I haven’t found any other stores that are much better.

Almost two months ago I wrote a post about some cute things I had found — a couple tops and a few dresses for my cousin’s wedding, my mom’s retirement party and my baby showers. While the dresses from Pink Blush weren’t too badly priced, the tops from Motherhood were not cheap. I bought a pair of jeans and black pants there, too, and spent more than I really wanted to.

But the main three things that have eluded me this entire pregnancy are lounging clothes, workout gear and nursing items.

Are bigger pregnant women just not allowed to lounge? Or workout? I had to fall back on regular plus-size clothes, with either elastic waistbands or larger sizes, to make these work.

And nursing items? Lord those are expensive! I ended up buying two bras from Lane Bryant that are wireless, as the nurse in our class advised us not to buy actual nursing bras now because we don’t know how large our chests will be when our milk comes in. But underwire bras can cause blocks in your milk ducts, so I felt a couple wireless bras were needed.

About $50 later, and I’m set.

Oh so sexy.

Oh so sexy. (But hopefully comfy.)

Then comes the nursing tanks. When I’m chillin’ at the house trying to breastfeed on command, I will likely go without a bra. And nursing tanks are supposed to be an easy, comfortable option.

Except if you’re plus-size they’re either at least $30 each (for a tank top!) and/or come in mostly pastel colors only in my size.

Nice color, but could be a disaster.

Nice color, but could be a disaster.

Mind you: My breasts will probably be leaking! Can I please get some black or navy blue? Please?!

I am having a hard time right now with some lower back pain, lots going on at work, trying to finish getting ready for our sweet girl and more. I just wish this part was easy and didn’t cost a fortune.

Maybe I need more sleep, or to take some deep breaths, but the maternity clothing industry needs to do a better job of taking care of us plus-size mamas.

They may do OK on the cute stuff, even if there’s little to choose from. But the basics are lacking.

And this mama-to-be has had it.

2 Comments on Plus-size Maternity Clothes Suck

  1. Elisabeth P Warrick
    July 24, 2017 at 7:23 pm (4 weeks ago)

    I feel like a Stellar line of maternity basics is a fabulous venture idea!

  2. Katherine
    July 25, 2017 at 11:23 am (4 weeks ago)

    … um … can it be that it’s not the clothes that are bothering you? Baby stress? Hug your husband, consider that you are GROWING A HUMAN!, and let the rest fall away. In 5 years, what are the things that will matter? (So easy to say, so hard to do.)


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