5 Things I Love About Being Pregnant

If you follow me on social media, you’ve definitely read some complaints lately about being 38 weeks pregnant. The heat, the swelling, the uncomfortable sleeping positions — not to mention catching a cold late last week. It’s not always a party ’round here. 

But I recognize how lucky I am, too. Not every woman who wants to have this experience is able to, and I try not to forget that.

I also try to embrace some of the good things about being pregnant, however how minor or humorous they may be. So here are 5 things I love about being pregnant!


1. Generally being more body positive. Now don’t get me wrong, I have definitely complained about clothing not fitting, and I’ve even said the shameful statement about feeling “as big as a house.” But I think I’ve also been able to just accept that this is my body right now. These are the changes it is going through in order to bring Penny into the world, and I’ve been doing my best to embrace that. 

2. Learning to ask for help. I’m not usually one to ask others to lift heavy things or want anyone waiting on me. And I’ve definitely been stubborn about accepting help — I just don’t like to put anyone out. But there are simply things — like carrying my laundry basket up and down stairs — that are too straining now, and I have to accept help from my gracious husband and others. I think it’ll be a good lesson to learn now so I will be more likely to accept help after Penny arrives.

3. Treasuring my down time. I’m usually on the go — rarely does a week go by that I don’t have plans with friends or a to-do list as long as my arm. But a couple of months ago I moved a dozen things on that list from “must do before baby comes” to “can wait.” The fact is, no one expects my house to be immaculate right now or me to cook very much or the curtains in the nursery to be steamed before her arrival. So I’m enjoying time to take naps, read books, watch movies and go on dinner dates with my husband. We’ll have plenty to keep us busy soon enough!

4. Caring less about clothes and shopping. Don’t worry — I fully expect to return to buying fashionable outfits and filling my Eloquii shopping cart up when my pregnancy is over. But right now I am rocking the same handful of dresses, capris and tops that are comfortable, fit my belly and keep me somewhat cool in the heat. I have been looking longingly at some outfits in my closet that I can’t wait to wear again, but I am OK with my limited wardrobe for now.

5. Preparing, but also going with the flow. Take a Type A person and give her a project like preparing for the arrival of a baby, and she’ll likely go overboard. As with projects at work or events I’ve planned, I love doing research and making lists and checking activities off that list one at a time. So from putting together Penny’s nursery to packing my hospital bag to learning about breastfeeding and pumping, I’ve been all over it. However, while I am a planner, this entire nine months I’ve also had the mantra “whatever will be, will be” on repeat in my head. Babies are unpredictable and each one is different. So I’m keeping an open mind about any advice I receive or information I read and plan to adjust to what Penny needs and what is best for our family.

What were or are your favorite things about being pregnant?

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    August 21, 2017 at 5:22 pm (4 hours ago)

    Going with the flow is SO key! Do your best to carry that mantra into the 4th trimester (baby’s first three months) It will help you so much. Go with the baby’s flow !!!!!


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