Meal Planning Sucks — But I’ll Do It Anyway

“What’s for dinner?”

This question plagues me every day. 

OK, I realize this is a tad dramatic. But seriously — does anyone else tire of trying to figure out what to cook every night? Breakfast and lunch are pretty easy. For some reason though I always feel immense pressure when it comes to dinner. 

Roasted potatoes with seasoning, smashed and sprinkled with Cheddar.

Barbecue chicken sliders, prepared in the crockpot!

I have a handful of go-to recipes, and I work them into rotation quite a bit. It’s hard for me to come up with something new. This is why we started trying the meal delivery services — Home Chef ended up being our favorite, and we plan to start using it again soon. Right now though, the thought of preparing meals that are somewhat complicated and take more than 30 to 45 minutes to prepare? Well that’s really not in the cards while juggling a newborn and going back to work. 

So for now I’m relying on meal planning, and allowing a few very simple meals each week to fill in the gaps. 

Here’s what’s on deck this week:

Sunday: take out

Monday: baked chicken, roasted potatoes, green beans 

Tuesday: sandwiches 

Wednesday: breakfast casserole (Yup! For dinner!)

Thursday: Leftover breakfast casserole 

Friday: Tacos

Saturday: sandwiches 

I’m sure to some the idea of having sandwiches a couple times a week is rather dull. But we’ve found ways to jazz it up! I try to find nice rolls at the Publix bakery (They have pretzel rolls that are to die for!), and we choose usually turkey or ham and sometimes roast beef. I like provolone and my husband has found some good mayo with different flavors (Boar’s Head brand). And the key to our tasty sandwiches? Using a panini press! We received one as a wedding gift and it’s been very handy. Works great to make quesadillas, too. 

So that’s my simple meal plan for this week. Do you plan meals ahead of time? Do you use any apps or websites to help you plan or find new dishes?

(You can find the recipes for the dishes featured above here: Pinterest Recipe Wins.)

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