Getting In The Christmas Spirit

I realize it’s November and we haven’t even celebrated Thanskgiving yet, but I’m already in the mood for Christmas!

Christmas tree 2010, at my parents’ house in New Jersey

I usually don’t decorate for Christmas until the weekend after Thanksgiving, and the decorations will stay up until at least New Year’s Eve. This year, though, I’m tempted to get an early start! It may be because I’ve been entertaining Penny with Christmas carols already. And I’ve been making shopping lists and planning cookies to bake, as this will be our first Christmas here in Alabama as a family of three. I know Penny won’t have a clue what’s going on, but I’m still excited to build on some of the traditions my husband and I have started, and those we’ve incorporated from our families. 

So, with that in mind, I wrote up a short Christmas Q&A! Feel free to copy and paste and share your answers on Facebook, or comment here or on my Facebook page to tell me your answers. 

And to those who celebrate other holidays this time of year, I want to hear about your traditions, too!

1. What is your favorite holiday song? Mine is “Silver Bells,” but I can listen to anything Bing Crosby sings all. day!

2. What is your favorite holiday food? I love the thumbprint cookies with icing my mom makes every year. She got the recipe from my Nana, and I’ll be making them myself this year for sure. 

3. What is one of your favorite holiday memories? I have several, like the first time Jermaine came to New Jersey with me and we got snowed in during a blizzard and then went in to New York City with my best friend Dominika and her husband Cory. 

Using a snow blower for the first time!

Times Square the day after the blizzard

And I’ll never forget the Christmas I spent with my family in Hawaii. But my favorite memories are singing Christmas songs at church and in the car with my Grampa Sage. I’m not sure why this sticks out so much, but it does and makes me miss him deeply. 

One of my favorite photos ever! Me holding my niece Abby while we listen to Grampa play his harmonica.

4. What’s your most memorable holiday gift? I’ve been lucky to receive a lot of fun gifts over the years. I think one of the most memorable was tickets to see the Black Eyed Peas because of the way it was presented. My husband was so clever — he put the tickets inside a gift tube filled with actual black eyed peas. So cute!

5. Have you ever volunteered somewhere special this time of year? If so, where? If not, where would you like to? I have always enjoyed collecting items for the angel tree or food for a food bank. I hope to do both this year!

6. Where do you usually spend the holidays? We typically travel up North either to my parents’ house in New Jersey or my sister’s in Massachusetts. This year we’ll stay in Alabama with our Penny!

Christmas morning at my parents’ place in New Jersey. They’ve since moved to Massachusetts so next time we head north for Christmas, we’ll be there.

7. What is your favorite holiday movie? I love Elf and Christmas Vacation, but my favorite is White Christmas. It’s long, but worth it!

8. What holiday event in your town do you try to attend every year? The historical Alabama Theatre here, where Jermaine and I got married, shows holiday movies and even starts out with Christmas carols on the organ. It’s such a fun atmosphere!

That’s all I have for now! Can’t wait to hear about your holidays, too!

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