5 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women

As I get older, I am becoming much more practical in the gifts I want for special occasions. For Christmas I had a new vacuum cleaner on my list. The other day I asked for new pot holders for Mother’s Day.

While I’d gladly give up any of the following for a new set of bath towels, these gifts are more romantic or fun, and in a variety of price ranges. Pass this link on to your S.O., and let me know what you would add to this list!

Corny, I know, but It's A Girl by OPI is my go-to color lately!

Corny, I know, but It’s A Girl by OPI is my go-to color lately!

1. Mani/pedi & massage: As a new mom, I never realized how little time I would have, or let myself take, for grooming. No other term could describe my eyebrows than “hot mess,” but what I want more than anything is someone to fix up my toes that have been neglected since before Penny was born. A gift card to your S.O.’s salon or spa of choice (if you’re in Birmingham I recommend Escape Day Spa in Homewood or for an extra splurge, Ross Bridge Spa) is a great gift. Or, go the extra mile and find out when she has a few free hours and book the appointments for her. That way the time is already carved out and she knows you’re prepared to watch the kids or do without her for the afternoon.

2. Fitness gift basket: I’m on the struggle bus right now in terms of working out regularly. If you and your honey are currently on this journey together (in other words, don’t you dare give her this unless you know she is looking for workout motivation or she’s already a fitness fanatic), fix up some goodies like new workout socks, a yoga or fun dance DVD, maybe some healthy snack bars and a new water bottle. If you know she buys gear from a particular store (I like Old Navy and Lane Bryant), toss in a gift card, too.

3. Movie & snack passes for her and a friend: Going to the movies together is great — it’s actually my favorite kind of date with my hubby. But there are some movies he just won’t see (the Pitch Perfect movies come to mind here). Why not treat her to a movie with a friend complete with snacks or even a gift card to a nearby restaurant?

4. A clean house: OK so maybe this falls into the practical side as I wrote above, but I honestly can’t think of anything I want more sometimes than a clean house. Either carve out time for you to break out the vacuum yourself, or hire a professional. And you know the “pre-clean” that has to happen where all the junk gets thrown out or put away? Yup, you should do that, too.

Photo: Jan Murin, Flickr

Photo: Jan Murin, Flickr

5. Quiet time and extra sleep: Again, I realize this is very practical but I’m not trying to get my man or anyone else’s S.O. to go broke buying jewelry or a designer bag. All most women I know really need is a lazy weekend morning in bed. A little extra sleep, or an hour to wake up and read or catch up on “This Is Us” — sounds like a great Valentine’s Day present to me!

What do you like to receive for Valentine’s Day? What gifts do you like to give?

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