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Birmingham Magazine
Healthy At Any Size: Two women help others find health and body acceptance
Fit Neighborhoods: Fitness is top of the New Year’s resolution list, but it doesn’t have to be only about rebuilding your body.
Getting Fit at the Railroad
Blogging Off the Weight

Barre studio brings workout to Lakeview
3 ‘easy’ cleaning tips put to the test
Expert tips for serving wine at home
Baking, cooking and storage must-haves for the holidays
How to throw a healthier at-home tailgating party, plus 4 recipes
5 common household stains solved
23 kitchen items you need to add to your wedding registry
How to care for your nonstick pots and pans — the right way
How to choose and store 29 fruits and vegetables
What to know before buying a home
Deep clean your bath shower tiles with these 3 foolproof ways
An interior designer’s guide to making your own art gallery at home
5 easy-to-care-for houseplants for people terrible with houseplants
8 DIY hair and skin treatments made with ingredients in your kitchen
The power of yogurt: Lose weight and maintain health
Top 5 reasons adults should get involved in team sports
Understand plantar fasciitis and why runners hate it so much
What I learned training for a half marathon
How I went from walking to running

Southern Living
Five Favorites In Chattanooga
Party on Franklin Street
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